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Multiple Teams · HD Wrestling places 4th at Zionsville

On Saturday the varsity wrestling traveled to Zionsville for an eight team invite. As a team we went 2-2 placing 4th. During round one the Hot Dogs beat Walnut Hills a team from Ohio 54-6. During round two we wrestled host school Zionsville. We wrestled very well even if the score show differently. The strong Zionsville team topped the Dogs 71-6. Zionsville went undefeated on the day winning the tournament. During round 3 the Hot Dogs came back strong to win a very competitive dual 39-30 over Daleville. During the 4th and final round we matched up against Pike. Pike came out on top 57-15. As a team we may have wrestled better than we have all year. Having to Forfeit four of the 14 weight classes. Our next match is at Western Tuesday at 6pm.

195: forfiet forfiet (FRKT) over Corbin Maddox (DALE) (Fall 0:22)
220: Corbin Maddox (DALE) over Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) (Fall 1:24)
285: Noah Cunningham (DALE) over (FRKT) (For.)
106: willow cunnington (DALE) over (FRKT) (For.)
113: Double Forfeit 120: Blain Tighe (DALE) over (FRKT) (For.)
126: Soren Bullock (FRKT) over Colton Dilk (DALE) (Fall 5:27)
132: Jordan Green (DALE) over Skyelar Seward (FRKT) (Fall 1:02)
138: Roel Reyes (FRKT) over Aden Wilson (DALE) (Fall 5:28)
145: Nick Emery (FRKT) over Ruben Ramirez (DALE) (Fall 1:01)
152: Brady Davids (FRKT) over Brayden Williams (DALE) (Fall 2:45)
160: Dallas Davis (FRKT) over Josh Farlee (DALE) (Fall 0:36)
170: Dylan Hicks (DALE) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Fall 1:58)
182: Devin Anderson (FRKT) over Diego Sanchez (DALE) (Dec 7-1)

182: Josue Hill (ZION) over Devin Anderson (FRKT) (Fall 1:31)
195: Drew Williamson (ZION) over (FRKT) (For.)
220: Corbin Mata (FRKT) over Brian Fuller (ZION) (Fall 3:18)
285: Matthias Einterz (ZION) over Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) (Dec 9-5)
106: Josh Carney (ZION) over (FRKT) (For.)
113: Kevin Berrong (ZION) over (FRKT) (For.)
120: Chase Poynter (ZION) over (FRKT) (For.)
126: John Gobeyn (ZION) over Soren Bullock (FRKT) (TF 18-3 6:00)
132: Azariah Ellis (ZION) over Skyelar Seward (FRKT) (Fall 0:17)
138: Kody Wagner (ZION) over Roel Reyes (FRKT) (Fall 3:48)
145: Jack Banks (ZION) over Nick Emery (FRKT) (MD 13-5)
152: Sam Gobeyn (ZION) over Brady Davids (FRKT) (TF 22-7 4:23)
160: Matthew Wertz (ZION) over Dallas Davis (FRKT) (Fall 1:56)
170: Thomas Penola (ZION) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Fall 1:36) (FRKT unsportsmanlike 160 -1.00)

220: Noah Laws (PIKE) over Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) (Fall 1:33)
285: Christian Robinson (PIKE) over (FRKT) (For.)
106: Devon Forrest (PIKE) over (FRKT) (For.)
113: Double Forfeit 120: Joshua Gee (PIKE) over (FRKT) (For.)
126: Christopher McMillian (PIKE) over Soren Bullock (FRKT) (Fall 0:53)
132: Javier Garcia (PIKE) over Skyelar Seward (FRKT) (Fall 1:09)
138: Roel Reyes (FRKT) over Keith Carter (PIKE) (Fall 1:00)
145: Carmichael Copland (PIKE) over Nick Emery (FRKT) (Dec 4-2)
152: Dylin Darden (PIKE) over Brady Davids (FRKT) (Dec 10-4)
160: Dallas Davis (FRKT) over Demitrius Smith (PIKE) (Dec 6-1)
170: Devon Gillespie (PIKE) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Dec 9-5)
182: Marlon King Jr. (PIKE) over Devin Anderson (FRKT) (Fall 1:21)
195: Corbin Mata (FRKT) over Dakari Smith (PIKE) (Fall 1:31)

170: Josue Antonino (FRKT) over (WAHI) (For.)
182: Devin Anderson (FRKT) over (WAHI) (For.)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Quinton Mincy (WAHI) over Corbin Mata (FRKT) (Fall 1:19)
285: Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) over (WAHI) (For.)
106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit
120: Double Forfeit 126: Soren Bullock (FRKT) over (WAHI) (For.)
132: Skyelar Seward (FRKT) over (WAHI) (For.)
138: Roel Reyes (FRKT) over Alexander Weyand-Geise (WAHI) (Fall 3:05)
145: Nick Emery (FRKT) over (WAHI) (For.)
152: Brady Davids (FRKT) over (WAHI) (For.)
160: Dallas Davis (FRKT) over Charlie Pritz (WAHI) (Fall 1:23)