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The Hot Dogs traveled to Kokomo in hopes to play and finish

the match after being rained out the first time, and trying this time to beat the
rain before it reached the courts.  Mission accomplished! The team was able to
win 3 points early before having to retire number 2 doubles and 2 singles, due to
bad weather moving in.
Emily Michael vs Kelsy Jones 6-1  6-2
Annie Giebel vs Abby Bowen  4-6  6-1 (DNF)
Riley Isgrigg vs Madison Wood  6-1  6-1
Lucy Calvert/Rylee Seibert vs Deztanie Gaines/Lucy Maverick 6-1  6-3
Abby Pierce/Jalynn Kidwell vs Rebekah Werner/Taylor Kennedy  6-3 5-4 (DNF)
Record 5-2
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