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Boys Varsity Wrestling · Hot Dog Wrestling goes 2-3 at Webo

Hot Dogs wrestling team went 2-3 this weekend at Webo Invite. Moving the team record to 3-3 on the season. Jaccob Bitner, Jimmy Ostler and Zeke VanDeventer all went 4-1 on the day.

JV wrestled at Northmont in an individual tournament.  Franzel Pozos, Jack Bond and Jose Meza all got two wins on the day.

Carmel, IN 81 Frankfort, IN 0

106: Alex Brown (CRAW) over (FRKT) (For.)

113: Logan Sandlin (CRAW) over (FRKT) (For.)

120: James Ostler (FRKT) over Clayton Owens (CRAW) (Fall 1:23)

126: Douglas Ramsey (CRAW) over Skyelar Seward (FRKT) (Fall 0:40)

132: Mitchell Rogers (CRAW) over (FRKT) (For.)

138: Richard Pan (CRAW) over Hunter Seward (FRKT) (Fall 0:32)

145: Richard Butcher (FRKT) over (CRAW) (For.)

152: Steven Latre (CRAW) over Adolfo Vasquez-Sanchez (FRKT) (MD 12-1)

160: Gage Gerdes (CRAW) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Fall 4:56)

170: Devin Anderson (FRKT) over Joshua Blackburn (CRAW) (Dec 9-8)

182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Tyler McKinney (CRAW) (Fall 5:17)

195: Jaccob Bitner (FRKT) over Kalob Brown (CRAW) (Fall 1:33)

220: Jackson Kincaid (CRAW) over Alex Matias (FRKT) (SV-1 10-8)

285: Chadd Ervin (CRAW) over Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) (Dec 2-0)


Crawfordsville, IN 46 Frankfort, IN 27

106: T Chody (CAR) over (FRKT) (For.)

113: Garret Sharp (CAR) over (FRKT) (For.)

120: Brendan Mattingly (CAR) over James Ostler (FRKT) (Fall 1:43)

126: Kyle Holman (CAR) over Skyelar Seward (FRKT) (Fall 0:58)

132: R Campbell (CAR) over (FRKT) (For.)

138: T Thurlot (CAR) over Hunter Seward (FRKT) (Fall 1:02)

145: Garret Sharp (CAR) over Richard Butcher (FRKT) (Fall 0:19)

152: Gabe Davin (CAR) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Dec 8-5)

160: Jack Eiteljorge (CAR) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Fall 0:02)

170: Logan Hart (CAR) over Devin Anderson (FRKT) (Fall 0:46)

182: T Simmons (CAR) over Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) (Fall 3:04)

195: T Bacon (CAR) over Jaccob Bitner (FRKT) (Fall 3:30)

220: H. Van Beynen (CAR) over Alex Matias (FRKT) (Fall 1:33)

285: Jack Williams (CAR) over Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) (Fall 1:54)


Southmont, IN 66 Frankfort, IN 16

106: Clayton Downey (SMT) over (FRKT) (For.)

113: Takeshi Greiner (SMT) over (FRKT) (For.)

120: James Ostler (FRKT) over (SMT) (For.)

126: Dillan Lauy (SMT) over Skyelar Seward (FRKT) (Fall 2:10)

132: Zach Brown (SMT) over (FRKT) (For.)

138: Dimetri Lauy (SMT) over Hunter Seward (FRKT) (Fall 0:28)

145: Jayden Williams (SMT) over Richard Butcher (FRKT) (Fall 2:36)

152: Ty Wellierver (SMT) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Fall 4:29)

160: Logan Benge (SMT) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Fall 2:33)

170: Jud Vancleave (SMT) over Devin Anderson (FRKT) (Fall 2:14)

182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Riley Woodall (SMT) (MD 16-7)

195: Jaccob Bitner (FRKT) over C Cody (SMT) (Fall 4:37)

220: M Cody (SMT) over Alex Matias (FRKT) (Fall 0:07)

285: Zion Essex (SMT) over Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) (Fall 2:40)


Frankfort, IN 48 Western Boone, IN 30

106: Cooper Williams (WeBo) over (FRKT) (For.)

113: Jacob Parsons (WeBo) over (FRKT) (For.)

120: James Ostler (FRKT) over (WeBo) (For.)

126: Skyelar Seward (FRKT) over (WeBo) (For.)

132: Double Forfeit 138: Evan Smith (WeBo) over Hunter Seward (FRKT) (Fall 1:14)

145: Jacob Blad (WeBo) over Richard Butcher (FRKT) (Fall 3:32)

152: Adolfo Vasquez-Sanchez (FRKT) over (WeBo) (For.)

160: Jacob Fennell (WeBo) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (Fall 4:31)

170: Devin Anderson (FRKT) over (WeBo) (For.)

182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Robby Taylor (WeBo) (Fall 0:43)

195: Jaccob Bitner (FRKT) over (WeBo) (For.)

220: Alex Matias (FRKT) over (WeBo) (For.)

285: Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) over (WeBo) (For.)106: Double Forfeit


Frankfort, IN 39 Tri-West Hendricks, IN 27

113: Cj Beth (TRIW) over (FRKT) (For.)

120: James Ostler (FRKT) over Jackson Rune (TRIW) (Fall 1:09)

126: Skyelar Seward (FRKT) over (TRIW) (For.)

132: Sean Cotteleer (TRIW) over (FRKT) (For.)

138: Lucas Mann (TRIW) over Hunter Seward (FRKT) (Fall 0:36)

145: Cody Ramp (TRIW) over Richard Butcher (FRKT) (Dec 5-4)

152: Adolfo Vasquez-Sanchez (FRKT) over (TRIW) (For.)

160: Dominic Pugliese (TRIW) over Josue Antonino (FRKT) (SV-1 8-6)

170: Devin Anderson (FRKT) over Grant Hogan (TRIW) (Fall 0:14)

182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Dawson Ash (TRIW) (Dec 7-1)

195: Jaccob Bitner (FRKT) over Kaden Brooks (TRIW) (For.)

220: Alex Matias (FRKT) over Kaden Brooks (TRIW) (Fall 0:58)

285: Saul Diagostino (TRIW) over Isaias Cisneros (FRKT) (Dec 8-1)