Hot Dogs News · Elementary Hot Dog Hoops Information

The Frankfort Boys’ Basketball Program has sent home Hot Dog Hoops registration forms to all boys in the Frankfort Community Schools. We would love to have your son participate in this program. The program is designed to build from the skills and concepts that were taught and implemented in the 3-on-3 League in November and December. Those that participated in that league should have a smooth transition into Hot Dog Hoops. Playing in the 3-on-3 League is not a prerequisite, if they were not able to play they are still welcomed to participate in the Hot Dog Hoops Program. This program allows the kids the opportunity to practice their basketball skills twice per week after school. The second league (3rd-5th grade) will have an additional night per week where they play competitive games. This will give all students the opportunity to acquire fundamental basketball skills. We hope that you consider allowing your son to play in January and February!


Hot Dogs Hoops Form 2017