Hot Dogs News · 9th Boys Basketball Falls Short to Gophers

The Freshman boys continue to have a slow start. They battled back before halftime and got down by 2 by a last second put back from Landon Mejia. The momentum carried with us through the half. We came out pushing the ball and went into the 4th with a 2 point lead. The young Hot Dogs ended up going up by 6 in the 4th. That is when turnovers became a part of the game. They had 3 straight possessions with turnovers that gave the Gophers the lead. We were never able to get the lead back. Mental mistakes are still badgering our Freshman team. They continue to get better, once they are able to figure it out they can be great. The Hotdogs lost 36-41. That brings their record to 2-8. Cameron Swinford led the Dogs in scoring with 9pt. Joe Diaz had 8pts.