Hot Dogs News · Hot Dog Wrestlers move to 3-3 on the season

The Hot Dogs went 2-3 at the Webo Super Duals. The Dogs had 2 wrestlers go 5-0 on the day.  Elijah Anthony and Josue Bautista keep their undefeated records moving to 6-0 on the season.  Juan Campos and Ezekiel VanDeventer both had went 4-1 on the day. The team travels to Delphi Thursday.
Frankfort 54 Danville Community 24
106: Armando Roa (FRKT) over (DANV) (For.)
113: Elijah Anthony (FRKT) over Laina Jackson (DANV) (Fall 1:43)
120: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over Casey Baker (DANV) (Dec 11-6)
126: Juan Campos (FRKT) over Nate Taylor (DANV) (Fall 1:31)
132: Parker Lynn (DANV) over Marco Cruz (FRKT) (Fall 1:00)
138: James Ostler (FRKT) over (DANV) (For.)
145: John Williamnson (DANV) over Jesse Reed (FRKT) (Fall 1:09)
152: Daniel Garcia (FRKT) over (DANV) (For.)
160: Chandlr Shustert (DANV) over Brian Pratt (FRKT) (Fall 1:15)
170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over (DANV) (For.)
182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Carson Waddel (DANV) (Dec 11-8)
195: Diego Nava (FRKT) over Garrette Deaton (DANV) (Fall 0:16)
220: Jack Bond (FRKT) over Trenton Woodard (DANV) (Fall 0:55)
285: Tristan Whitcomb (DANV) over Charlie Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 1:53)
 Southmont 60 Frankfort 18
106: Elijah Anthony (FRKT) over Clayton Downey (SMT) (Fall 1:43)
113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over James Crosby (SMT) (Fall 1:10)
120: Juan Campos (FRKT) over Noah Benge (SMT) (Dec 9-6)
126: Takisha Griener (SMT) over Marco Cruz (FRKT) (Fall 0:59)
132: Dillan Lavy (SMT) over James Ostler (FRKT) (Fall 2:50)
138: Dimetre Lavy (SMT) over Abel Sanchez (FRKT) (Fall 0:32)
145: Jayden Williams (SMT) over Daniel Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 0:29)
152: Michael Worth (SMT) over (FRKT) (For.)
160: Logan Benge (SMT) over Brian Pratt (FRKT) (Fall 5:22)
170: Ty Welliver (SMT) over Christian Matias (FRKT) (Fall 1:25)
182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Riley Woodall (SMT) (Dec 5-4)
195: Jud Vancleave (SMT) over Diego Nava (FRKT) (Fall 3:17)
220: Zion Essex (SMT) over Jack Bond (FRKT) (Fall 5:48)
285: Bailey Baumer (SMT) over Charlie Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 0:21)
Crawfordsville 44  Frankfort 32
106: Elijah Anthony (FRKT) over Eric Demoret (CRAW) (Fall 1:03)
113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over Ethan Conkright (CRAW) (MD 16-3)
120: Juan Campos (FRKT) over Graham Spires (CRAW) (Fall 0:50)
126: Logan Sandlin (CRAW) over Marco Cruz (FRKT) (MD 17-3)
132: Douglas Ramsey (CRAW) over James Ostler (FRKT) (Fall 0:27)
138: Richard Pan (CRAW) over Jesse Reed (FRKT) (Fall 0:36)
145: Kevin Barerra (CRAW) over Daniel Garcia (FRKT) (MD 13-4)
152: Anthony Cook (CRAW) over (FRKT) (For.)
160: Steven Latre (CRAW) over Brian Pratt (FRKT) (Fall 0:56)
170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over Nathan Stinson (CRAW) (MD 11-1)
182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Tyler Mckinney (CRAW) (Fall 3:48)
195: Ruben Hernandez (CRAW) over Diego Nava (FRKT) (Fall 1:42)
220: Jack Bond (FRKT) over Kalob Brown (CRAW) (Fall 1:13)
285: Chadd Ervin (CRAW) over Charlie Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 1:47)
Frankfort 62 Tri-West 9
106: Elijah Anthony (FRKT) over Cj Betherd (TRIW) (Fall 1:54)
113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over (TRIW) (For.)
120: Juan Campos (FRKT) over (TRIW) (For.)
126: Marcos Pozos (FRKT) over (TRIW) (For.)
132: Jimmy Ostler (FRKT) over (TRIW) (For.)
138: Sean Cotteleer (TRIW) over Jesse Reed (FRKT) (Fall 0:28)
145: Daniel Garcia (FRKT) over Koby Buott (TRIW) (Fall 0:47)
152: Double Forfeit
160: Dominic Pugliese (TRIW) over Brian Pratt (FRKT) (Dec 3-2)
170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over Jacob Frochlke (TRIW) (Fall 0:40)
182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Grant Hogan (TRIW) (MD 17-4)
195: Diego Nava (FRKT) over Noah Bridwe (TRIW) (Fall 0:45)
220: Jack Bond (FRKT) over Tanner Stamm (TRIW) (MD 14-2)
285: Charlie Garcia (FRKT) over Dale Sailors (TRIW) (Fall 0:31)
North Montgomery 60 Frankfort 20
106: Elijah Anthony (FRKT) over James Mcclaren (NMON) (TF 18-2 3:53)
113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over Blaydin Hall (NMON) (Dec 9-8)
120: Parker Mosley (NMON) over Juan Campos (FRKT) (Fall 1:41)
126: Cole Price (NMON) over Marco Cruz (FRKT) (Fall 0:27)
132: Seth Johnson (NMON) over James Ostler (FRKT) (Fall 1:00)
138: Catie Campbell (NMON) over Abel Sanchez (FRKT) (Fall 1:36)
145: Tim Newlin (NMON) over Jesse Reed (FRKT) (Fall 0:10)
152: Daniel Garcia (FRKT) over (NMON) (For.)
160: Jake Lowe (NMON) over Brian Pratt (FRKT) (Fall 1:07)
170: Josh Lowe (NMON) over Christian Matias (FRKT) (Fall 5:13)
182: Dawson Mcloud (NMON) over Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) (Fall 5:30)
195: Diego Nava (FRKT) over (NMON) (For.)
220: Drew Webster (NMON) over Jack Bond (FRKT) (Fall 1:01)
285: Luke Hall (NMON) over Charlie Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 0:34)