Boys Varsity Wrestling · Hot Dog Wrestlers go 2-2 at Zionsville

Christian Matias and Josue Bautista lead the Hot Dogs Saturday going 4-0 on the day. As a team we beat Rushville and Zionsville B.  Tuesday the Dogs travel to The Team State Champions Western Panthers and will have Conference this Saturday.

Date: 01/05/2019
Mount Vernon (Posey) 60
Frankfort 14


132: Nate Morgan (MTV) over Marco Cruz (FRKT) (Fall 1:13)

138: Gage Delgman (MTV) over Manuel Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 5:24)

145: Derek Hollinger (MTV) over Daniel Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 1:29)

152: Brady Hook (MTV) over (FRKT) (For.)

160: Dalton Schmidt (MTV) over Caleb Ford (FRKT) (Fall 1:11)

170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over Seth Sharber (MTV) (Dec 3-2)

182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over Blake Ritzert (MTV) (Dec 11-6)

195: Luke McGennis (MTV) over Diego Nava (FRKT) (Fall 0:46)

220: Brent Ricketts (MTV) over Jack Bond (FRKT) (Fall 2:00)

285: DJ Brakie (MTV) over Charlie Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 1:48)

106: Chris Newman (MTV) over Armando Roa (FRKT) (Fall 1:31)

113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over Braden Dike (MTV) (Fall 0:56)

120: Juan Campos (FRKT) over Matthias Gates (MTV) (SV-1 4-2)

126: Tommy Kelley (MTV) over James Ostler (FRKT) (Fall 4:53)

(FRKT unsporsmanlike conduct -1.0)

Date: 01/05/2019
Noblesville 55
Frankfort 21


138: Justin Johnson-Sparks (NOBL) over Manuel Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 5:07)

145: Joey Kitko (NOBL) over Daniel Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 1:29)

152: Sebasitan Dillion (NOBL) over (FRKT) (For.)

160: Dewayne Simpson (NOBL) over Caleb Ford (FRKT) (Fall 3:36)

170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over Josh Evans (NOBL) (Dec 6-2)

182: Zack Knoll (NOBL) over Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) (Fall 3:03)

195: Diego Nava (FRKT) over Blake Killion (NOBL) (Fall 4:57)

220: Jack Bond (FRKT) over Emmitt Cole (NOBL) (Fall 1:12)

285: Sam Wertz (NOBL) over Charlie Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 0:19)

106: Doug Walkley (NOBL) over Armando Roa (FRKT) (Dec 12-6)

113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over Keaton Sepiol (NOBL) (Fall 2:56)

120: Tim Alexander (NOBL) over Juan Campos (FRKT) (MD 10-2)

126: Dalton Huffman (NOBL) over James Ostler (FRKT) (Fall 3:45)

132: Cesar Sierra (NOBL) over Marco Cruz (FRKT) (Fall 1:59)

Date: 01/05/2019
Frankfort 57
Rushville 24


152: Braydon Spiker (RUSH) over (FRKT) (For.)

160: Austen Gerrian (RUSH) over Caleb Ford (FRKT) (Fall 2:23)

170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over Cody Smith (RUSH) (Fall 1:45)

182: Marcus Vaughn (RUSH) over Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) (Fall 4:34)

195: Diego Nava (FRKT) over (RUSH) (For.)

220: Jack Bond (FRKT) over Ethan Bergen (RUSH) (Fall 0:45)

285: Charlie Garcia (FRKT) over Devin Richardson (RUSH) (Fall 1:59)

106: Armando Roa (FRKT) over (RUSH) (For.)

113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over Dylan Galusha (RUSH) (Fall 3:05)

120: Juan Campos (FRKT) over Adam Bousman (RUSH) (Dec 8-3)

126: James Ostler (FRKT) over Braiden Hunter (RUSH) (Fall 3:30)

132: Lowell Joya (RUSH) over Abel Sanchez (FRKT) (Fall 1:18)

138: Daniel Garcia (FRKT) over Alan Busche (RUSH) (Fall 1:36)

145: Manuel Garcia (FRKT) over (RUSH) (For.)

Date: 01/05/2019
Frankfort 56
Zionsville 22


145: Gregory Mariacher (ZION) over Daniel Garcia (FRKT) (MD 16-2)

152: Will Best (ZION) over (FRKT) (For.)

160: Cale Wuethrich (ZION) over Caleb Ford (FRKT) (Fall 2:45)

170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over Thomas Streepey (ZION) (Fall 4:25)

182: Ezekiel VanDeventer (FRKT) over (ZION) (For.)

195: Diego Nava (FRKT) over (ZION) (For.)

220: Jack Bond (FRKT) over (ZION) (For.)

285: Charlie Garcia (FRKT) over (ZION) (For.)

106: Armando Roa (FRKT) over (ZION) (For.)

113: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over Forest LaPlante (ZION) (MD 17-4)

120: Juan Campos (FRKT) over James Dao (ZION) (Fall 3:48)

126: James Ostler (FRKT) over Samuel Ferguson (ZION) (MD 12-4)

132: Marco Cruz (FRKT) over Jonah Keane (ZION) (Fall 1:37)

138: Nicholas Odle (ZION) over Manuel Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 1:27)