Hot Dogs News · 2020 Spring Sports Lettering

All Spring Sports Athletes

We have missed you this spring and know the disappointment you have all felt with missing out on your spring sports for the past months.  Hope you are staying well, and all is good within your family.

The Athletic Department has met and agree that even though you were not able to perform this year, we are still going to letter those who would represent our Hot Dog Family.  Attached below is the process that we will award letters for the 2020 season.  We will count these letters toward any present and future lettering awards you may have received for the spring season.  This includes, the 4 – Letter Plaque; 6 – Letter Jacket; 9 – Letter Plaque; and 11 – Letter Blanket.  Those who would have received those awards, will be honored here on our website at a future date.

Below is the procedure we will have used for the spring season.


2020 Spring Lettering Document